About Us
Parsram Foods is a leading player in Australia which distributes some well known brands like Nestle India’s Maggi, Ashoka from ADF Foods, GITS foods, Kawan from Malaysia, Nanak’s from Canada. Our warehousing network are spread across Australia which stock and distribute over 50 SKU’s in frozen, over 200 SKU’s in Shelf stable products, distributes in all Major cities of Australia with office and warehouses in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The well experienced team of Sales & Marketing cover over 1000 Ethnic India retail stores and Restaurants in Australia with the Consumer retail and Foodservice products.

Parsram Foods also has a dedicated & professional team for its mainstream brands like Red Pepper, Waang Waang, Rang Mahal, Royal Orchard and Silk Route frozen Meals, available in all Woolworth’s & Coles Supermarkets Australia wide.

We have our own packaging units for Pulses and Lentils for retail and foodservice trade.
Red Pepper Rang Mahal Royal Orchard

Waang Waang